General Conditions


 Persons contacting MB Capital Services GmbH and visiting MB Capital Services GmbH's website agree to fully accept the following General Contract Conditions in the version applicable at the relevant time.


 1. Subject


Conditions for the sale of admission tickets by MB Capital Services GmbH, and the associated services.


MB Capital Services GmbH sells admission tickets exclusively on behalf of and for the account of the respective organizer.


Contractual relations arise solely between the purchaser and the respective organizer.


The Organizer's General Terms of Business and the house regulations of the respective venue must be observed.


The fulfillment and subject matter of the events are the sole responsibility of the organizer.


In confirming the order by e-mail the organizer accepts the customer's contractual offer, subject to the condition that on receipt of payment the ordered quantity of tickets in the selected price category is available.


 2. Knowledge of Use of Electronic Communications Means


Users of the website of MB Capital Services GmbH herewith confirm to be familiar with the use of electronic communications means and to know the security risks implied by their application. The users undertake to solely make legally acceptable use of the electronic means.


 3. Ticket Purchase


Online tickets are paid through the payment modes available in the shop .


The account of the used payment mode will be charged after the payment process is completed. The online ticket will be available immediately after it has been personalized. Online tickets are always personalized, non-transferable and non-refundable. By purchasing a ticket the buyer accepts the provisions containing security, access and additional regulations related to the event as binding rules. Tickets may only be purchased through the official website. Furthermore, the buyers take note that in case these regulations are not respected their access to the event will be barred without reimbursement. Additional regulations may be published on the website of MB Capital Services GmbH or printed on the ticket.


4. Personalized Ticket and Identification


Tickets are personalized and are not transferable. Tickets must be protected against damages caused by water or other fluid materials. Tickets may not be altered or copied. A ticket is only valid for the ticket user/ customer whose name and first name are printed on it. At the entry to the venue a personal identification (identification card, passport) must be shown. MB Capital Services GmbH may also check the validity of the ticket by electronic means, for example by barcode.


5. Printer Requirements


A laser or inkjet printer must be used for the printing of a ticket; matrix printers deliver insufficient quality. A valid ticket (color or black and white) must be produced in a quality of at least 300 dpi and may not be printed in 'economic' mode. It is the buyer's responsibility that the ticket is printed on plain paper of size A4 or 8?" x 11", the parameters of the printer are standardized and the printer is equipped with sufficient ink and toner.


 6. Damaged Tickets


Tickets loose validity if their microstructures or barcodes are damaged in any way. Should tickets be copied or other fraudulent undertakings occur (entailing to involve the respective public authority) MB Capital Services GmbH reserves the right to reject all tickets and to indemnify the owners of authentic tickets.


 7. Postponement of an Event


MB Capital Services is not an organizer and consequently does not bear any liability for the correct staging of events. Should an event be postponed the tickets purchased are automatically valid for the new date (postponement date). The buyer of the ticket has no right to return or to exchange the ticket; a respective procedure is excluded by principle. Furthermore the ticket sale can at any time be stopped without further explanation.


 8. Copyright Protection


The whole content of the website of MB Capital Services GmbH is protected by copyright law. Therefore, any downloading or printing of individual pages or parts of the website of MB Capital Services GmbH is only permitted if the copyright notation and other protected terms will not be removed. In case of a downloading or copying by other means all rights related to the information remain with MB Capital Services GmbH. It is forbidden to use the website of MB Capital Services GmbH or parts thereof for commercial use.


 9. Disclaimer


MB Capital Services GmbH does not assume any liability for personal or material damages occurring in connection with the organization and the performance of the event. In particular the following disclaimers apply:


MB Capital Services GmbH does not guarantee the appropriateness of any information given on its website, particularly as for correctness, completeness and reliability of any information.


MB Capital Services GmbH is not liable for damages occurred as consequence of errors in telecommunications, technical deficiencies, system failures or unlawful manipulations of IT- systems involved, independent of place and form of impairment. Furthermore, any liability due to damages caused by malfunctions, system interruptions (maintenance included) or system overloads is declined.

MB Capital Services GmbH is not liable for direct or indirect (consequential) damages attributable to services or information offered on its website, unless in case of gross negligence or intent on the part of MB Capital Services GmbH.


This exclusion of any liability also includes any damages caused by links to other websites. MB Capital Services GmbH stresses in particular that a click on a link may result in a transfer to another website which has not been checked by MB Capital Services GmbH and any responsibility with regard to content, products, services and other offers of

such other website is declined.


Information given on the website of MB Capital Services GmbH is for private use only and is designed to inform potential users of the event. The users are aware of the fact that all information might be changed at any time without further notice.


10. Concluding conditions


 Any divergent terms of business of the customer shall not apply, even if MB Capital Services GmbH does not expressly object to them.


The validity of conditions of sale shall not be affected by the invalidity of individual provisions.


The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. The place of fulfillment and venue is Berlin.


11. Site rules


Site rules of the relevant venue apply, along with the organizer´s general terms of business. The ticket has to be retained until exiting the venue.


12. Online resolution of dispute


Information on online resolution of dispute in accordance with Art. 14 par. 1 of the ODR regulation: The European Commission has provided an online platform for online dispute resolution (ODR) which you can access via the URL .


Our e-mail address is


Information regarding consumer dispute resolution pursuant to § 36 VSBG (German Act on Alternative Dispute Resolution in Consumer Matters):


We shall not participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer conciliation body in the sense of the Act on Alternative Dispute Resolution in Consumer Matters and we are not obliged to do so.